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Choosing the right WAV checklist

Wheelchair Accessible Checklist for 2020

If you have never owned a wheelchair accessible vehicle before or you're looking to purchase another one, WavMob has your best interests at heart and it's important for us that you purchase the WAV which meets your exact requirements. We have compiled an important questions checklist for you to use before purchasing your wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Comfort and convenience

  • Is there sufficient room for all the passengers and luggage/equipment you want to carry (not just on a daily basis, consider if you're taking extra luggage or items for a holiday)?
  • Are there sufficient seats in the vehicle for the number of passengers you need to carry?
  • Can you get in and out easily?
  • Is the WAV quiet and smooth when you're driving?
  • Can you use the controls?
  • Is the visibility good for everyone in the vehicle?

  • Safety and security

  • What is the EURO NCAP rating?
  • What special safety features does the vehicle have?

  • Size

  • Will it be easy to drive in traffic?
  • Will the vehicle fit on your driveway or garage, or will it be ok on off-road parking?
  • Will there be enough space not just for the vehicle but to also account for the space required to use the tail-lift or ramp?
  • How easy will it be to park the vehicle?

  • Finance

  • What will it cost to insure?
  • How economical is the vehicle i.e. it's fuel consumption?
  • What's the resale value likely to be when you come to sell?

  • Environment

  • What are the fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures?

  • Performance

  • Does the vehicle give you the acceleration and speed you need for overtaking?
  • Does the vehicle handle and ride well?
  • Are you happy with the braking?
  • How far can drive on a full tank?

  • Features

  • Do you want automatic or manual transmission?
  • Which features are important for you? Do you want air conditioning, electric windows, satnav?

  • When choosing your WAV, it's important to consider the following and by possibly trying out the vehicle first.

    Getting in or out

  • Will you choose a ramp or a lift?
  • Will you have someone help you?
  • Can you get in and out without hitting your head or having to duck?

  • Safety

  • How will you secure yourself and your wheelchair?
  • How will you secure anything else such as unattended wheelchair, luggage, equipment etc?
  • How will you secure equipment used to get in and out of the vehicle?

  • Travelling position

  • Will you have good visibility out of the vehicle?
  • Where will your wheelchair sit?
  • Will you be able to talk to fellow passengers easily? Is the WAV too noisy?

  • Build quality

  • Noise can affect your travelling comfort, so be sure to check this out before buying
  • No two WAVs are the same, even if they're the same model. Different conversions have been built to different standards, so some will be more comfortable and less noisy inside than others.

  • Reliability

  • What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
  • Have you checked if there's a nearby dealer to service your WAV?
  • Can you rely on the equipment you use to get in and out of the vehicle?
  • Are there manual overrides for any powered equipment?

  • Other considerations

  • Do you want to enter the WAV from the rear or side?
  • Think about the size of the vehicle you'll need.
  • Will you be the passenger or driver?
  • Do you prefer using a ramp or tail-lift to enter the vehicle?

  • Sourcing a WAV

  • Is the provider of WAV vehicles experienced in the sale and provision of wheelchair accessible vehicles?
  • Will the provider of the WAV vehicle understand my specific needs?
  • Will the provider of the WAV vehicle be able to provide recommendations based on my specific needs?
  • How competitive are the prices of the WAV provider?

  • WavMob is here to help and we would be very happy to answer any questions or provide whatever assistance you need in purchasing the correct wheelchair accessible vehicle to meet your needs. Please contact WavMob on 02392 245570.